Purchase a Water Softener and a Whole House Carbon Filter and get $100 off!


Water Softener & Filtration Systems

  • Available in 1.0 cu ft, 1.5 cu ft, 2.0 cu ft or custom sizes
  • Chlorine Reduction – Water throughout your house will be healthier and smell better
  • 1” Clack Valve- Our professional valve service flow rates up to 35 GPM, giving you better pressure at your showers and faucets. Larger valve sizes available.
  • MasterMindTM Smart Valve- Learns from your household water usage patterns and adjusts to conserve water and system life. Valve includes built-in water meter to monitor water usage.
  • Large Capacity- Designed for today’s larger homes, this system will deliver soft water when you need it. It will also regenerate less, saving wear and tear on the system.
  • Performance Carbon – Long lasting cargon. Additional customization to include catalytic carbon and KDF media.
  • Water softener tank (black – no cover)
  • Whole House Carbon Filter tank (black – no cover)
  • 1” Clack valve head per tank
  • Brine tank (black) Professional installation – licensed, bonded, insured
Warranty Info
  • 25 year tank warranty
  • 5 year MasterMind Smart Valve warranty
System Includes
  • Whole house carbon tank (black – no cover)
  • 1” Clack valve head
  • Professional installation – licensed, bonded, insured

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Benefits of Installing a Water Filtration System

There are numerous advantages to installing a water filtration system in your house. Some of the biggest advantages can include:

  • Your household will have clean and healthy water.
  • The filters remove contaminants from the water, giving you assurance your water is safe.
  • You will save money by not having to purchase bottled water.
  • Your appliances will last longer