Whole House Carbon Filters in Scottsdale, AZ

Provide clean and safe water to your family. A whole house carbon filter cleans the water and removes chlorine and other contaminants.

When you need to improve the quality or safety of your home’s water, install a whole house carbon filter. This removes the chlorine and bad odors and reduces the sediment in your home’s water supply. The carbon filter is the perfect addition to any home water filtration system and can also be a standalone product. Our technicians recommend pairing this with any of our softening systems. If you are looking for a whole house carbon filter in Scottsdale, AZ, call AZ Water Solutions today! We are female-owned and operated!

When you need to install or replace your water filtration system, call our experts to schedule an appointment.

What Are Whole House Carbon Filters?

Whole house carbon filters, also known as whole house activated carbon filters or charcoal filters, are filtration systems that are installed at the main water supply entry point of a house or building. These filters are designed to remove or reduce impurities, contaminants, odors, and chlorine from the entire water supply, providing clean and better-tasting water to every faucet and water outlet in the building.

The granular activated carbon removes volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and chemicals that give your water a foul taste and smell such as chlorine and hydrogen sulfide. When combined with a water softener the carbon water filter system can actually prolong the life of the resin media used in a water softening system.