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Ensure the water in your Scottsdale home or business is safe and healthy. Call AZ Water Solutions at 480-767-0957 for appointments in Phoenix. As the area’s top water treatment company, we offer straightforward pricing.

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Don’t put your health at risk or jeopardize your appliances with unfiltered water or hard water. Instead, you need to ensure it’s safe for your household and your plumbing fixtures by installing a water purification system, water filtration system, water softener, and other top water treatment solutions. Call AZ Water Solutions for services in Scottsdale, AZ. All of our technicians are background-checked for your safety!

We offer complete water treatment services to Phoenix, including:

new loop installation
New Loop Installations
Your lawn doesn't need to be watered with soft water. A soft water loop keeps your homes internal piping system separate from your outside pipes, so you're only treating the water within your house. This reduces wear and tear on your water softener, helping it last longer. View More Details
water softeners and filtration combinations
Water Softeners & Filtration Combinations
A whole-home water softener and carbon filtration system can help you keep hard water minerals, chemicals, sediment, and more out of your water supply. This means drinking, cleaning and showering with cleaner water. View More Details
Water Softeners Solutions
Hard water can affect your skin, hair, clothing, dishes, and plumbing fixtures. You can prevent damage to your bathroom and kitchen hardware and keep your hair and skin feeling soft and clean by installing a whole house water softener! View More Details
“Green” Salt-Free GS Elite
Salt Free Solutions GS Elite
Our state-of-the-art saltless water conditioning system provides the cleanest water possible with a 17-stage filtration process. The best part? You get cleaner water without losing any of the beneficial minerals in the water! View More Details
Green Salt Free EcoGuard Whole House Filtration
“Green” Salt-Free EcoGuard Whole House Filtration
The EcoGuard Whole House Filtration system is a premium-grade environmentally friendly responsible way to filter and condition the water throughout your home. It does not use any waste water or require electricity while delivering top notch results and retaining beneficial minerals. View More Details
Water Softeners
Whole House Carbon Filtration Solutions
One of the most common water filtration system options, carbon filters absorb contaminants from the water and hold them, while the water passes through. Carbon is great for removing chlorine, pesticides, and other harmful chemicals and contaminants from water. View More Details
Reverse Osmosis System
Reverse Osmosis - Alkaline Drinking Water
Reverse Osmosis is a 6-stage water treatment process that gives you bottle-quality alkaline drinking water. The system is easy to install and maintain and can fit under the kitchen sink. View More Details
Tankless Gas Water Heater Installation & Replacement
Get instant hot water on-demand with a tankless water heater. Tankless units are replacing traditional water heaters across the country because they are more efficient, deliver hot water faster, and take up less room that tanked water heaters. View More Details
Hot Water Recirculation Pumps
Hot Water Recirculation Pumps
If you have a tanked water heater, a hot water recirculation tank can help you reduce the amount of time it takes to heat water and cut down on your water wastage by returning unused hot water to the water heater. View More Details

If you have hard water, call us to schedule water softener installations.

Common Issues With Water Softeners

Like all household appliances, occasionally water softeners can encounter problems that require professional repairs. Some common issues the technicians at our top-ranked water softener service company often repair in Scottsdale include:

  • Salt bridging: This happens when a hard crust forms above the salt in the brine tank, preventing water from properly dissolving the salt pellets.
  • Low water pressure: If the water softener is not installed or sized correctly, it can cause a drop in water pressure throughout the house or building.
  • Leaks: Leaks can occur in different parts of the system, including the tanks, valves, or pipes.
  • Control valve issues: The control valve regulates the regeneration process. A problem with it can result in improper regeneration cycles, inadequate backwashing, or failure to draw brine, leading to poor performance.
  • Electrical issues: Systems with electronic controls or timers may experience electrical problems, such as faulty wiring, blown fuses, or malfunctioning control boards.
  • Inadequate maintenance: Lack of regular maintenance can cause the system to malfunction.

As one of the top water softener companies, AZ Water Solutions provides full water softener repairs, in addition to water softener installations and water softener replacements.

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Benefits Water Filtration Systems Provide

Residential whole home water filtration systems offer many benefits to households and buildings.

  • Remove contaminants: Systems are designed to remove various contaminants in water, such as chlorine, sediment, lead, bacteria, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals, and chemicals. Filtering these out results in healthier drinking water.
  • Improved taste and odor: These whole house water filtration systems can enhance the taste and odor of water by removing unpleasant smells and flavors caused by chlorine, sulfur, or other contaminants.
  • Health benefits: By eliminating or reducing contaminants, these systems can prevent gastrointestinal issues, and potential long-term health effects associated with exposure to certain contaminants.
  • Convenience and cost-effectiveness: Having a system at home eliminates the need to purchase bottled water regularly. This not only saves money in the long run but also reduces plastic waste and the environmental impact associated with single-use plastic bottles.
  • Protection for appliances and plumbing: Installing a unit can help protect household appliances and plumbing fixtures from the buildup of scale and sediment caused by hard water.
Water Filtration Systems

When you need reverse osmosis filter installations, reverse osmosis filter replacement, or other water filtration services, call our trusted technicians.

Ensure your water is safe to drink. Contact us about water filtration system installations.

How To Prepare For Gas Tankless Water Heater Installation

When you schedule a gas tankless water heater replacement in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area, it’s essential to be properly prepared. Some tasks you should complete before the technicians arrive are:

  • Choose an appropriate location to have the instant hot water heater installed. It should be a well-ventilated area and have proper gas and water connections.
  • Check the gas line. On demand water heaters require a dedicated gas line.
  • Assess water supply requirements. Make sure your current water supply meets the requirements of the system.
  • Clear the installation area. Prior to the installer’s arrival, clear the area around the point of use water heater installation site, removing any obstacles or clutter that could interfere with the installation process.

When you need a whole house water filtration system installed or a water softener replaced, call AZ Water Solutions at 480-767-0957 for appointments in Scottsdale, AZ, and throughout Phoenix. We use the latest technology!

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