Install a Water Filtration System for Better Tasting Drinking Water!

Top Reasons To Install a Whole House Water Filter

The new year usually triggers an avalanche of resolutions, most centered on becoming healthier – so why not start with clean, healthy water right in the comfort of the home?

Choosing to install a water filter for the whole home shouldn’t be a tough decision to make. After all, a water filter can supply pure water that is safe for consumption, provide a simple, more affordable option to buy bottled water and improve the condition of household items and their hair, skin, and nails. But what exactly is a water filtration system, and how can homeowners reap the above benefits?

Understanding How a Water Filtration System Operates

reverse osmosisWater filtration systems are pretty straightforward to understand. They are there to remove contaminants that can be found in water and make it safe for drinking, cooking, and personal hygiene. 

Though the idea is simple, there is more than one type of water filter to meet different needs and preferences. These often correspond to the method being used to clean the water of contaminants. Among a wide variety of systems, here are the most common ones that can be found at home:

  • Reverse osmosis – This is one of the most common ways to filter water for drinking at home. It involves using pressure to force water through a semipermeable membrane, which filters out contaminants such as lead and chlorine.
  • Mechanical – This method involves passing untreated water through a physical barrier, such as a mesh filter or cartridge that traps particles in the water.
  • Absorption – Carbon filters are used to capture water-borne contaminants.
  • Ion Exchange – This involves using resin to exchange ions with water.

Benefits of Having a Whole Home Water Filter

Water filtration system installation is so advantageous to homeowners that it is practically a no-brainer. Water filters provide water that is safe for consumption and improve its taste and smell, making the all-important daily activity of drinking water a much more pleasant experience.

Aside from this, whole-home water filters are also great for the environment as they reduce a household’s reliance on bottled water – especially those that are single-use and disposable, not to mention the fact that reducing bottled water consumption saves money in the long term, allowing homeowners to recoup expenses related to water filter installation.

Does Your Home Need Water Filter Installation?

clear water Homes that are lucky enough to be supplied with treated water may opt to skip the whole home water filter, except that is, if the taste or smell of their tap water bothers them, in which case a water filter can help improve this by removing certain trace contaminants such as positive and chlorine.

On the other hand, homes supplied with well water should have a whole-home water filter. Even if the well is found to be safe, it can still get contaminated over time, and this is something most homeowners would want to protect themselves from. This is especially true if they observe the following signs:

  • Limescale on fixtures
  • Red iron stains on sinks and toilets
  • Green corrosion stains on the plumbing 

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